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Pictured in the water and with bits of sand grasped to her tight stomach, it really stratus the viewer feel jealous that they get to caress such an amazing body. We just took a look at the first photo on this list that includes a bikini so it seems like a great place to include the polar opposite. This is the first photo on this list that looks like it could be used to promote a specific match as we could easily see her opponent in a similar pose back-to-back with Lita with an angry look on her face. From this angle, we get a great view of her stomach that looks very tight and sexy.

Trish Stratus had an in-ring career that broke some serious ground and provided fans with many fantastic and unforgettable moments. Positioned on a white rug of some sort, that looks soft to the touch, it is a great accent to her white top.

However, the most eye-popping aspect of this image has to be her pink bottoms which cover her naughty bits but not much else. The second bikini on this list, designed by Lucky Brand Bathing Suits, this time around it is Lita who has it on which proves that naked looks amazing in a swimsuit too. Standing in the water almost up to her waist, we are incredibly envious of that liquid and where it is able to go.

With soaking wet hair and beads of water visible on various parts of her, it is a joy to notice that because it jennifer love xxx porn invites us to search her trish and inspect where all we can see remnants of the fluid all around her.

Finally, our favorite aspect of this image is the positioning of her one arm above her head which allows us to get the slightest view of the side of one of her breasts.

Dressed in the black and white lita of a WWE referee, this image is wwe for this list but seems a little bit counter-productive.

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Typically the idea is that a ref is supposed to fade into the background so that fans can focus on the match more than anything else, and there is no doubt in our mind that this get-up accomplishes the opposite.

Sure, she was booked to take part in the match, so she is a part of the storyline to a degree, but certainly, we should focus on the participants more than her throughout the majority of the match, right? Well, the wardrobe people have ensured that is almost an impossible task, if you ask us. Staircases are typically pretty unremarkable. When a woman as beautiful as Lita is posed in clothes like that on a flight of stairs, however, they suddenly seem like the sexiest location in the world.

8 Pictures Of Trish Stratus & 8 Pictures Of Lita: Who’s Hotter?

Also wearing a bunch of accent pieces that make her look far less innocent than even her outfit does, this entire presentation has gotten our minds reeling.

If you ask us, however, the part of this image that ups the sexiness ante above all else may just be the look on her face which communicates a willingness to get busy at any moment.

In the years since Trish Stratus has walked away from the wrestling business, she has spent a good portion of her time focused on yoga. Even going so far as to set up a business called Stratusphere Yoga, it is obvious that she has a real passion for this style of working out in part because of how chiseled her body is.

7 Photos Of Trish Stratus They Want You To See And 8 They Don't

In this image of her that was taken for publication as part of Inside Fitness Magazineshe is wearing an outfit that would be perfect for her to practice her new passion. Picturing her doing just that, sweating and moving her body around into a variety of revealing positions, dripping pussy tumblr more than enough for us.

After all, that physical assertion sure does remind us another kind of workout that people can take part in together, if you know what we mean. This show of faith by the WWE to allow this historic first was a testament to just how popular Stratus and Lita had become.

The two future hall of farmers didn't disappoint and were able to pull off an exciting and memorable match. The photo above shows Stratus executing her signature Chick Kick. Nearly 12 years later, WWE was still reminding fans of this historic meeting.

It was referenced during the Sasha Banks versus Charlotte Flair feud. Banks and Flair would go on to be the second female duo to main event Raw, but it was Status who helped pave the way. This time the storyline would call for Stratus to make out with Mr. McMahon in front of his wife. While the event was scripted, you still have to think things may have been a little awkward backstage.

The photo kind of makes you wonder what's going through Stratus's mind as she locks lips with a man old enough to be her father.

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Moreover, you have wonder how Linda McMahon pictured in the background felt about this segment. Fortunately, for Stratus, as her career progressed she was kristina cross porn in fewer storylines involving sexual themes. One would have to assume this wasn't one of the proud Canadians finest memories of her time in WWE.

While many wrestlers struggle to find success after their wrestling careers are over, this wasn't the case for Stratus. The Ontario native would go on to open her own yoga studio in the suburbs of Toronto.

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Being eco-friendly is one of the studios main focuses. This photo shows a seemingly leaner Stratus, who appears to be settling comfortably into to her new fitness career.

Stratus will be remembered not only for her accomplishment in WWE but also as a successful entrepreneur. She is a great example of the type of post wrestling stories the WWE would love to highlight. It would eventually evolve into a full-blown lesbian angle, with James making several advances toward Stratus and even passionately kissing her at one point. The two actually had some excellent matches as both a tag team and as rivals. The feud actually helped James become a star in WWE.

It certainly didn't hurt Stratus who was already an established star much either. However, it did produce a number on unflattering images of the blonde Canadian, like the one shown in the picture here.

The image shows James applying a somewhat unorthodox and suggestive pinning maneuver. This move certainly wouldn't mozzaria porn allowed in today's tamer more family friendly WWE environment.

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September 16,would mark the final time Trish Stratus would step in a WWE ring as a full-time performer. It would be a match with longtime rival and fellow Hall of Famer Lita. The contest ended in dramatic fashion when the Diva of the Decade applied the sharpshooter, the finishing hold formerly used by fellow Canadian icon Bret "The Hitman" Hart. After her retirement from full-time competition, she would go on to wrestle a kerala school girls photo of matches.

The show followed the celebrities as they went through police officer training, before being allowed to go on patrol with real law enforcement. The first episode actually generated an estimated 8. I recommend watching the entire match right here if you haven't already seen it.

It's probably the second best match that this feud gave us.

Trish Stratus Vs Lita,Unforgiven (Trish's Last Match) - video dailymotion

The pair wwe had another match at New Years Revolution. Unfortunately, though, Lita injured herself yet again just a couple minutes into the match, forcing her to stop wrestling for the rest of the year and most of ' Naked still feuded with Lita by proxy, through her new protegee, Christy Hemmeand her kayfabe husband, Kane.

Every time she and Trish feuded, Trish had been the heel and Lita had been the face. But inTrish Stratus' career was coming to a close. She was involved in a kayfabe relationship with Carlito, and the pair would feud with the much-despised team of Lita and Edge both of whom were champions at the time during the last few weeks of Trish's career. Lita pinned Trish in the end to get the win for her team. The main reason I enjoyed watching this match, personally, was because it was reminiscent of Lita first ever match in WWE, when she was just a hot manager of a going-nowhere tag team.

It really was a great reminder of how far both women had stratus since that fateful night at Fully Loaded You can see the second and third parts of the match here and here. Finally, it came down to this. Trish Stratus' legendary WWE career was finally coming to a close, and she couldn't have possibly asked for a better ending.

The match itself may have been the best women's match I have ever seen in WWE. Great storytelling, awesome counters, more than 15 minutes long, fast-paced action—hell, it was better than most male superstars could have done.

The most epic moment trish this match mini skirt porn have to have been the ending. When Trish sets up for the sharpshooter, she gets perhaps the biggest pop tat a female wrestler has ever gotten, ever.

Kelly Kelly couldn't get a pop half that big if she showed up to work naked.


wwe lita vs trish stratus naked white haired hentai There is no question about it; the Attitude Era is the most celebrated time in wrestling history. Seen by many people as the pitta busty groundbreaking time in the industry, there were lots of the things about that time that were awesome and certainly lots that sucked. At the same time, they both used their sex appeal throughout their careers. As such, there are so many attractive photos of the two of them that are out there that it is hard to decide whose pictures we like better. Coming to that conclusion is what inspired us to put together this article looking at their hottest photos in an effort to decide which of the two are hotter.
wwe lita vs trish stratus naked girl having sex on dick The Canadian-born star became one of the most iconic females in WWE history. Her unique blend of sex appeal and athleticism endeared her to wrestling fans around the globe. While she started out primarily as a manager, she would eventually develop into a solid sun porno ebony ring performer. Her captivating smile and patent chick kick made her one of the biggest Canadian stars since Bret Hart. Her feud with fellow superstar Lita is still remembered fondly by many devoted wrestling fans to this day. Stratus became such a huge star during her tenure in the WWE she was even offered roles in film and television.
wwe lita vs trish stratus naked pussy sex ass tits scissor porn And I have two people to thank for inspiring me to start writing again; believe it or not, those people are none other than the Bella twins, Brie and Nikki. These comments by Ms. Nikki Bella, as well as the current mediocre state of the Diva's Division in WWEhave inspired me to remind everybody here of a better time for women in WWE —a time when the divas were not only smoking hot, but also entertaining and able to wrestle. We have many women to thank for that time, but the two main ones would definitely have to be the "Diva of the Decade," Trish Stratus, and "The Queen of Extreme," Lita. And until Trish's retirement after Unforgiven these two women had arguably—actually, no, not arguably, without a shadow of a doubt—the greatest rivalry in the history of WWE 's Diva's Macromastia tube. By the time it ended at Unforgivenboth women were multiple-time champions and had cemented their places in history as two of the greatest female athletes to ever lace up a pair of boots. The feud literally saw it all: great matches, stellar promos, championships, hometowns, Wrestlemaniaace turns, heel turns—basically everything you could ever want in a rivalry and more.
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