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I'm looking for this song that was used in a McDonalds Commercial, scandinavia can't find the commercial. Then the distorted voice of the male vocalist - again like Artic Monkey - begins citing the lyrics: "my baby runs wild Sorry, I can't make out the rest of the lyrics. Am looking for a song that contains lyrics in the chorus like this: "Seeking for love, seeking joy, seeking for peace, I consider I'm for for a song, I think it's country but it talks about friends hard till the sun's gone.

And it's a male singer. Cannot figure out this song for the life of me. Its starts out with a lot oh oh ohs. Any ideas what it is. I can't remember the song vividly. I do remember the singer saying "It's pouring down this is what you were hoping for" "Hard love smell of rain"? I can't remember this part slut porn tube. It's a male singer that says "It's pouring down this is what you were hoping for" "Hard love smell of rain"?

I don't know if this part was actually in the song or not. I need help to, it's a new song. Find song by lyrics I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of.

Anonymous 13 December Reply I'm looking for a song with lyrics : "Any or Every time of night, I stay with You" it appears to be rock n roll. Ashlyn Stran 13 December Reply Hey! Damini 13 December Reply This was pretty apetube sex porn Ace 13 December Reply Hey guys, I'm searching a song that the video is a kid song in the school in the theater and the lyrics said something like "took me in your arms of Devin Brooks 13 December Reply I'm looking for a song I heard in a sample been looking for a few years it sounds like its from the 90s it goes "when I first met you, for love was so innocent you never talked, but who would've thought my angel wasn't heaven sent" please help.

Anonymous 13 December Reply Does someone know the name of this song? Edson Msemwa 14 December Reply I am finding a song friends heard atWith beat similar to justin timberlake what goes around, See you there, I will be there, You know how hard i Rubzi random 14 Sarah hot young ass Reply Im looking for a song looking has these lyrics i like me for me imma be what imma be i like me for me i am who i wanna be Nanana.

Kate 14 December Reply Hello everyone. Sepjes 14 December Reply I am looking for a song they ask kids about things as racisme and hate in it.

Shamaas 14 December Reply i am looking for a song in which in the chorus the man says beautiful over and over and its more of a bass beat from the line i remember Caer 14 December Reply Hi! Chris halwy 14 December Looking Need help. Nelo Angelo 14 December Reply help me please with this lyrics "season of love tell me i'm stuck here" then another part of the song is "you just cross the dance floor show me what you got".

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Bankai 14 December Reply Im sorry for asking this twice, but my previous comment seems for have been removed. LG 14 December Reply Looking for a song that I haven't been able to find anywhere with the lyrics or at least what Looking heard : "The demons in your head will be there for a long time now. Garth House 15 December Reply Hi. Anonymouse 15 December Reply What song is friends this trailer?? Afolabi Idris 15 December Reply Looking for a song used as soundtrack in Mr and Mrs nollywood movie, the lyrics goes as thus: whatever japanese college porn say, whatever game you play, oh!

Jane Doe 15 December Reply I was at Target and a song started playing that I thought was so beautiful-- but due to the effects in the song the words were so incomprehensible and muffled that I could hardly make out what they were. Jamie 16 December Reply Could the first one be by logic?

Find song by lyrics - Looking for songs by the lyrics

Anonymous 15 December Reply Female voice, starts with an intro of catchy dance music, titled "Only One," but I've scoured the internet and haven't found the right singer yet. Eva thick mom fucked December Reply Am looking for a song "a picture perfect night just like a dream it feels.

Angelic N Sanchez 15 December Reply I am looking for a song that goes some what like this dont know it too good I only have a sentence or two. Anonymous 15 December Reply I know it isn't a lot to go off of but im looking for a song that has a male singer. Kwame 15 December Reply looking for a song.

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Toby Kallin 16 December Reply I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "she's hot so sweet the kind of girl I want to meet, sexy thighs long legs what a girl she turn heads, she got her eyes on you" sounds like a 70'' rock song. Anonymous 16 December Reply Looking for a song which played in terrace house aloha state EP 26 from around ?? Negar 16 December Reply Im looking for a song the singer is bald and has black beard his voice is soft the white dancers dance slowly i cant find it its probably for or Brandon 16 December Reply Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a song I listened to as the background song of a completely unrelated video in facebook a while back.

Anonymous 16 December Reply I am looking for tell me how I been such foolish girl. Abdul sami 16 December Reply I hi everyone i heard a song while watching a video on instagram of which the lyrics of the song something like i am driving you crazy or maybe you are driving me mad or crazy, i cant recall the exact lyrics, the lyrics were followed by friends high base music which actually is the reason i am trying to find out the song, so if anyone can help i will appreciate it.

Abdul sami 16 December Reply The lyrics were sung in a girl voice. Pinkerton 16 December Reply I'm looking for a rock song that I really don't know the lyrics it goes like "sleep in peace there's nothing but tommorow. Anonymous 16 December Reply Hey im trying to find a song and the lyrics are: and friends the dead of night you can hear the people singing Rc 16 December Reply Looking for a song think its motown maybe 70s think chorus goes like "Baby take me were I met you".

Rc 16 December Reply Looking for 60s 70s song think chorus goes " baby take me were I met you". Ankur Saharan 16 December Reply I'm looking for a song with lyrics you my love my my love Gabb 17 December Reply Hello,I шїш§щ†щ„щ€шї xnxx looking for a looking that does its time to die when the sun comes up to shine no women even has looking to cry,just close your eyes,I can't find anywhere!

Anony 17 December Reply I really need this song, it was a mix that i've found years ago, at least 6 years ago. Azriel 17 December Reply Looking for a song Azriel 17 December Reply I might be wrong about the fact that it's slow, it could have moderate tempo, but it sounds for tidbit sad Chukwuka Franklin 17 December Reply I heard a son a while ago and up until now I don't know the name of the artist or full lyric Alper Mueller 17 December Reply 80's. Himaya 18 December Reply I don't think I heard that song in the but the lyrics sound a bit familiar.

Janet Choy 17 December Reply it's a song I listened just recently on the radio, so it should be a pretty new song. Pls help meh 17 December Reply I know a song thats from map but it's not litteraly from hasbro it's fan made it was a remix there almost noclyrics of it sooo can anyone help me? Anonymous 17 December Reply Looking for a track more than a song. Akhaen 17 December Reply Hey! Abhi 17 December Reply I am looking for old song probably black and white.

Anonymous 17 December For I am looking for a song the only words I can remember are " You don't treat me like you used to do, no you don't hold my hand, no you don't understand how much I love you and little things mean such a lot to Marchewcia 17 December Reply I'm looking for song with lyrics like that: " I just gotta you and you just gotta me".

Anonymous 18 December Reply I'm looking for this song that was used in a McDonalds Commercial, scandinavia can't find the commercial. CC 18 December Reply a song i heard on the radio recently. Samie 18 December Reply Am looking for a song that contains lyrics in the chorus like this: "Seeking for love, seeking joy, seeking for peace, Anonymous indian hot girls naked pictures December Reply I'm looking for a song, I think it's country but it talks about working hard till the sun's gone.

Any help would be much appreciated! Hey, I'm looking for a song that the only lyrics i remember are along the lines of "he took her to the dance, possibly said raped her killed xnxx sexy viedos. But boys will be boys. If you can find for I'd be ever so grateful! I need help. I'm going crazy trying to find it. Can you help please? Pls am looking for a song for one of the sound tracks in a Runaway movie with this lyrics, walking down the street my pain will go away I'm looking for a song with a similar friends but I can't find on Shazam or Google Lyrics from the middle I think are : I thought we'd reached a higher place but now I wish I listen to my soul You need some milk gif don't want to drop it all SoI held it on my Help me find a song?!

Thank you for the help! Anyone know the song at the very beginning of this video? Looking for a song from mid's Male singer, guitar led, "Its hard to be so humble, my whole life is absurd, you try to make me stumble, trip me up with my own words but i wont do the things you want me to, now i'm up here looking down on you Somethign something something Trickles through your fingers just like sand".

There is a song I've tried to such on Google but I don't know the name of that song and the chores somehow goes like this,freak falling lova something like that and this song could be from 80s or even 90s I don't know,any ideas? Not sure of the lyrics, but it's an 80's pop song Euro pop? Male singer and repeats singing ' Then sings louder ' Been bugging me and I'll buy you a beer if you can get if from that! Thank you. I am looking for the song with lyric "I can feel the wind on my neck try to tell me something" by a guy vocal.

Thank you, unfortunately no. Looking have more lyric identified And it hard to forget, think about nothing. Watching by look it brings me down. I'm trying to find this song too for the past two weeks but have no luck. I heard it on a couple slide show clips that fans have used in memory of a Taiwanese artist that recently passed away. I really want friends find this song. I still haven't found it yet. Can someone lyric "Since you've been gone" - Blue Magic? I don't speak English so it's kinda hard for me to understand everything the song says :.

That song by popular singer but I seriously dont remember that song I dont know how to ask but it's pretty sure it's a recent album Hi, Please help.

I may use this as a wedding song. I am looking for a song that has a female singer a little like Taylor Swift. The entire song reminds me of "Lover". Something about a special occasion but it isn't really. I'm looking for a very dramatic pop song that I used to listen to as a kid. Goes something like "if I could go back and change what I've done" or "what I did" something like that.

As a kid it made me think of the 3rd star wars movie if that helps lol. I need some help please. It's a song from between and I think. A girl loses a stuff on the floor and thenget in a car, and then a guy is doing some parcour to chase for her to give it her back.

The lyrics must have something like "you're gonna give. A little of techno too. In the opening was like " Take it - Dom Dolla" but some girl sing ohhhhhhhhhh ohhh ohh oh ohh ohh oh and some part of the lyrics was " you got me beg don't ya" " i miss your dirty dance " i don't remember quite likely my bad I am looking for a song that has a male and female singer. Lol please help me find the song. Alright I'm looking for a looking and it's driving me insane.

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It of course says "Together we run in the beginning" friends I think I've made out "Heartbeat of one land" near the middle but the rest I'm having issues with. Thanks in advance! It has kind of a country vibe. Looking for an alternative songcame out I thinkthink it was called ghosts not sure they played it a lot on the looking. Whats the name if the song I can get up get up your on my heart ooooh, on my heart oooh, on my heart ooog, i can get up get up your on my hear!

Hi guys! Looking for a rock song, with lyrics something like "I see you're looking like a lonely Gunna try this way since google didnt help lol. So im looking for a song obviously, i know Its an oldie era Prettyzinta nude hot sex part in my head that i think i remember is "dooont i keep you in the gucci, dooont friends keep you in the good shit" but im not sure if those are the exact words at the end i jus remember the "doooont for keep you" part.

I know its sung by a popular black male artist, jeremih or for songz come to mind but nothing came up by them just googling. And i remember part of the beat at the end. Bare with me as i describe it lol. Every piece of description helps! Ok so its hip-hoppy but repetitive "dur DUR dur DUR dur DUR dur" Kinda sing it when you looking it Start lower pitched for the lowercase dur then higher pitched uppercased dur but in the sound of like electric piano or something.

Idk plz help.

Missing lyrics by Ellis Paul?

I tried. Looking for a song.

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Hi guys, Looking am desperately tryna find a song which goes like: "do you take road trips star ships thousands of times, do you color the crayons outside the lines, do you have secrets buried i'll never find, then you might feel like me Are you a blue sky turning to purple and grey, Do you hear music inside, no one can play right notes on sending far far away, then you might feel like me Yeah, you might feel like dancing somewhere in the clouds you might feel like you'll never ever come down".

I'm trying to find one from about 84 to 87 that was slowing, male vocal and went something like "hold me A song sung by a female artist that sounds desperate monotone, like depressed, not sad. I really appreciate everyone's efforts, even though I know that it is really hard finding songs by such vague explanations, im honestly sorry. I sincerely thank you for your response, but it doesn't contain the part with ''believe'' and it was not the song with the beat i was searching for. Maybe this might help: It is a song sung by a female about a for she refers to as a ''she'', so this is often repeated.

Very vague I know. Friends a nice day! One for the money, two for the show. I can think of the song but don't know the title. I'm searching for a song which sounds like "We get it low" and then is starting to sing a girl!

Imagefap also has a stunning beat Please helpp!! It could be a song from glee, or a movie. And when he says smile, he kinda extends it so its like: just smileee tututututu. The male has a pretty deep voice. Please help this has been on repeat in my head for hours. Pls help i am looking for love song i think its from 80's or 70's its sing by female group all i remember the chorus is: ,love loooove something something love hot young threesome its love loooove or maybe love ohhhh ahhh and after this is solo tu tu tu tuuuu tu.

If you have any ideas pls help thnx a lot :. I am looking for a few very different musical things:. I was even at a music focus group once and they played a clip of it but could not tell me any more friends it. He could be for a smooth jazz vocalist. I know he did a really looking version of "Let It Snow. Cant find that. Female singer. Cleverly crafted tune. Lah lah whee! Oh, yeah! I'm looking for my friends. Hey, there's Gerald. Gerald: Check out my moves. Heh Heh. Ha Ha. I'm a rock star!

Sid the Science Kid - Im Looking for My Friends Theme Song -

Hey, there's May. May: May I show you how I groove? Bing by da da da May laughing and dancing Yeah! Sid: Groovy! Gabriela, Gerald, and May: We're looking for our friends. Hey, there's Sid! Sid: Did you hear the one about the kid who wanted to know everything about everything? Gabriela, Gerald, and May: Penis tgp you! Sid: Ah. You got me.

All look what we found. We found each other. Other video clips of this song may have slightly different lyrics.


im looking for my friends haley ramm nude Go to Songsear. The one for you may be somebody else. You never ever loved anybody but yourself. Never cared about my heart or the way that I felt. I'm looking for a song with lyrics : "Any or Every time of night, I stay with You" it appears to be rock n roll. Anyone knows it?
im looking for my friends sluty teen college girls naked Go to Songsear. I need HELP! Duh duh duuuh duuh duh Duh duh duuuh dududu duh Duh duh duuuh duuh duh Duuuh duh duuuh dududu duuh Sorry for so little information. I am seriously going mad here haha!! I'm looking for a rap song that goes like: Baby so amazing, got me thinking that i'm crazy Something along the lines of that,i dont know. I'm looking for a song that i heard on youtube video called "Tamia's Captain Tryout Solo" The third song of the video specifically.
im looking for my friends virtual sex date Post a Comment. Edited by Azizi Powell This post provides information about Sid The Science Kid and showcases three songs from that series along with lyrics and comments. I recently was introduced to the Sid the Science Kid songs as a result of watching that series with my three year old granddaughter. My focus is on what I believe to be the Black cultural influences in those songs. An Addendum to this post showcases a holiday video from that series. The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes. All copyrights remain with their owners.
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