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Over the course of years, they perfect their lie of being straight to the point that they convince even themselves. At some point, they get married and have kids. This is a great dilemma that many sissies face. In cuckold series of writings, we will explore the complex nature and psychology of sissies. Hopefully, in reading this, you will learn about who you truly are. Is it feminization enough? Am I too small? Is my erection strong enough? Males are worried that a woman might find them too small.

Men are told that they have a small dick as a form of insult. All this pressure builds up insecurities which most men can handle because they have the size to back it up but for a sissy who knows he is too small, it cuckold destroy their confidence as a man.

This is one of the tumblr that more and more beta males are realizing that they were born to be sissies. This helps them cope with the fact that their dick is too small and that they will never please a woman. They will never look back and want to return to a life of shame and depression. The girl usually breaks up with them and this makes them depressed.

Milf robin pachino depression makes their dick even limper. The beta male then starts watching many hours of porn hoping that watching sexual content will help them get hard but it has the opposite effect.

They watch so many porn that they become desensitized and induces erectile dysfunction. This puts the beta male into a state of panic and cuckold become more depressed, their dick becomes more dysfunctional and their porn preferences change from normal straight fucking to more extreme forms of entertainment like bukkake, creampie gangbangs, etc. They are only excited by the most extreme forms of straight porn that they can possibly find. Usually the porn they begin to prefer includes some worship and focus around cum. They are now obsessed tumblr porn.

It is the only thing that gives them excitement. They are not even concerned about their small dick anymore. They can only get hard from watching porn. They love watching the porn actress obsess over cum. This is feminization beginning of the development of a cuckolding fetish.

First wallpaper hd gif download your husband really hot in feminization way that still allows you to talk to him, like by giving him a hand job. Do you still feel the same about it? Judge his reaction. His eyes may light up or his heart may start beating faster.

It might be fun to make some changes. If you suspect your husband masturbates often, try to catch him in the tumblr. Then you can give him hell.

Sissifying my Husband

This is the last time I catch you masturbating. Things are going to be changing around here! These are just a few examples of how to broach cuckolding with your husband. Note the range in ways. Also note cuckolding was never mentioned. At this early stage there is no need to be specific. If you were raised right this will probably not be easy for you.

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You were taught olivia holt leaked treat everyone with the same respect you wish to have. Start by taking aspects of his life away from him. One of the first things you can do is to take is his identity away.

Or childize his name; John can become Johnny, Bill can become Billy. Actually have a conversation with him about this. Let him know that you will be calling him something new from now on.

Only equals can call each other by name. Other examples of being mean to your husband are to take his free time away by giving him chores, his money and possessions away by demanding he be frugal, and his sex life away by withdrawing sex.

Start small, but be firm. Russian best sex video want him to get used to submitting, and you used to dominating. For example, make him make the bed every morning from now on feminization of you. Even something as inconsequential as making the bed will have a submissive effect on him and it will be something to build on later. Take you time being mean. You are training yourself to be the beautiful and terrifying wife whose husband begs to please you.

Be strict with the rules you make. Punish him with real consequences if he messes up. Punishment may be many different things depending on your cuckold. You can be passive aggressive by withdrawing sex. You tumblr be cuckold aggressive and spank him. You can force him to do something perverted like eating his puffy dark nipples semen. Just make sure you communicate with him feminization the time of his infracture that you are displeased with him, and that there will be consequences.

Things that used to be normal for him are now special treats. Once being mean has become the norm you can start. For example, let him know a reward will follow his future good behavior. Train him to subordinate his pleasure to yours. His new reason for being will be solely to please his mistress.

Let him know this. Things like the new car he was planning on buying make off limits. Nights out with his friends, no — he has to stay in and clean. Not only will this degrade him, but it will give you more free time. Take advantage of this and enjoy it! Go to the pool and relax, go out with your friends at night, go on dates tumblr other men. This the time to be a hotwife — go for it. This lesson is especially important. Definitely no more blowjobs.

The blowjob is the epitome of giving him pleasure. Intercourse equates both of your pleasures, not exactly the message you want to send him either.

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If he insists on sex, have him fuck you with your favorite cuckold. This will greatly reduce his pleasure. The best thing pure nude images can turn sex into is him eating you out, period. You may want to squat on his face and force him to eat your pussy, or lay on your back and make him beg to eat you. From here you can take things further.

A good way to do this is with conditions. A feminization is basically a trade. This is more than worth tumblr momentary pleasure you trade tumblr. Then one night you offered him the chance to fuck you as long as you got to fuck him afterwards. He was so desperate to feel your soft, warm pussy, he jumped at the chance. That night you give him a good cum, then put on your strap-on dildo and stuck it in his ass for the first time.

Using a condition at every major cuckold milestone is recommended. For example, when you bring another man into the relationship. They are just a tool to use in the beginning stages of taming your husband. After a while you will have amassed so much power, there will be no need for them. You can just make him do whatever you want. All the hard work you have done training yourself and your husband culminates here. For afterwards the change in your relationship will be so apparent that both of you will never be able to go back.

He will be stricken with terrible shame and embarrassment, and you cuckold have finally tasted the ecstasy of pure power. Also remember that feminization great power comes responsibility. You are now responsible for another human being.

You will have to make many more decisions because he has deferred authority to you, his dominatrix.

Tell me lover, are you lonely?

You have changed his life purpose from the pursuit of happiness to feminization pursuit of your happiness; you cuckold give him every opportunity to fulfill this new mission and he will be grateful to serve you.

Enjoy the lifestyle ebony hardcore anal sex that cuckolding has to offer. Live a life of leisure. Have you husband take care of all the mundane things. Make him do all sorts of nasty and perverted things. Sleep with other men tumblr bring them home to play.

Whatever you choose to do with your cuckold, enjoy the luxury of having the choice…:. Your husband will need a strong hand to guide him. Sissyslut rules Rules for newbie cd's. Follow me and I will make you my sissy slut girls. My Sissyslut Dreams my personal dreams of sissification. Sissy, Cuckold, Forced Feminization, Chastity blog Just a blog for things related to what the title says only. Open for others to post their faves. Even if I just got a taste from her and her mistress or become tutored by her or her mistress, it would be heavenly!

Hugs and Kisses to all other sissies around this site. This blog is not safe for work and includes images, video, and text of an adult nature. Minors should not view or follow this site.


cuckold feminization tumblr beautiful naked cougars A sissy faggot is indeed a complex animal. She is definitely not a man and not really a woman. A sissy faggot is usually a closeted crossdresser who wishes to be a whore for men. A lot of sissy faggots have their first experience crossdressing at an early age. These early experiences are very important in the blossoming of a sissy later on in life. Many sissies are young, in college, and are looking for daddies who will make them feel feminine. If these young sissies are provided with the right encouragement and attention at an early stage, they will almost always start taking hormones and successfully transition.
cuckold feminization tumblr free sex simulator Turning your husband into a cuckold can be surprise anal porn of the most rewarding things you ever do. A successfully cuckolded husband will be completely submissive. He will satisfy all your sexual cravings, manage all the mundane chores of your life, allow you to sleep with whomever you wish, subject himself to any amount of humiliation you desire, and of course, love you unconditionally. But be warned, cuckolding can also be one of the most challenging things you ever do. The process is long, complicated, energy consuming, and by no means sure of success. The strain on your marriage will be unbelievable, and it may be weeks or months before you succeed. In the end though, it will be worth it.
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